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Precautions during recovery phase of. Covid-19

Greetings of the day  Precautions  during recovery phase of. Covid-19 1.Do not neglect your  health as inflammatory  response may cause complications. 2 Delayed cytokine storm  on 15 to18th day of illness is reported. 3 Hypercoaguble state is there for approximately 4weeks hence risk of myocardial infarction,stroke is there. Do not ignore chest pain / severe  headache/  weakness of any side of the body,or any feature of stroke   4 Maintain  communication with treating  physician. Various biomarkers like CRP Quantitative monitoring may help when advised by your physician 5 If a person gets fever, after discharge we  may need  to differentiate between  fever of  infective etiology or  immunological origin Biomarkers like Serum procalcitonin  estimation may help 6 Your physician may prescribe oral anticoagulant which has to be individualized. 7. Monteleukast helps  to prevent bradykinin storm. Your physician may prescribe  8. REMAIN WELL HYDRATED Mostly thrombotic strokes  occur  during 

CoVID-19 management at our centre

Dear Friends:  COVID 19 infection is a double edged weapon. Firstly the  damage is due to virus and secondly it is the immune system of the person (cytokine storm) that inadvertently causes damage. Birds eye view of   covid-19 management at our centre  1. All specialities are involved in covid-19 management at our centre. In Fact the well trained MBBS doctor can manage under supervision most of covid cases.  Full PPE is used by attending doctors, nurses and sanitary attendants while attending positive patients.  2. All patients are kept in well ventilated rooms and their saturation is monitored The  positive patients undergo CBC ESR CRP LDH serum Ferritin and D dimers   estimation, ECG  Chest x ray PA view . CT chest is done in selected patients   Invariably they have Lymphopenia high CRP and high liver enzymes  3.We must recognize the patients with Happy Hypoxia, i.e the patients who seem to be clinically ok but are actually hypoxic. Better to admit them as nasal oxygen improves  them

Open Letter to Survivors of post-Corona pandemic

Dear Friends : I hope all of us survive this  # Coronapandemic  which is spreading like a bullet train all over the globe. I want to share this Open letter to Survivors of post-Corona pandemic and I hope this pandemic stops and doesn't take more lives. Please correct me if I am wrong. Dear Fellow Homosapiens, When "Corona" the minuscule molecule with no eyes and legs caught us unawares in the year 2020 At that time : We had enough instruments of Mass destruction, nuclear weapons and whatnot all over the globe but fell short of basic equipment, hospital infrastructure to take care of our ailing loved ones. Prior to this pandemic even treatable diseases, malnutrition killed us mercilessly as health was never a priority. During the Corona, pandemic humans died like flies and at some places, treatment was denied beyond a particular age. The virus spared none and for the first time, we felt we are a single race. We had built strong barriers of caste, color, and creed only to c