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Keep Dementia at Bay, Act now!

Greetings of the day ! Mr. Kapoor (name changed) the 76 year old retired officer , nicknamed as 'Raj Kapoor' in his youth for he used to be well dressed and a highly polished gentleman of the locality. He had been living with his wife and children happily till 2017 . Mr & Mrs Kapoor once upon love birds were ageing gracefully and were enjoying life to its full but now they were fighting on simple and pity issues. One day on a sunny day, while returning from a shopping mall ,Mr Kapoor could not find his way back home. He went on moving from one corner to the another for almost an hour till a passerby helped him out and accompanied him back home. Mr Raj (name changed) his son felt happy to see his father back but surprisingly Mr. Kapoor shouted at him , ''you are the one who did black magic on me' otherwise I never experienced this before . Mrs Kapoor looked at her husband and strengthened his belief .Both felt t…

Thank you so much subscribers

Greetings of the day!  I am pleased to share the statistics of my Blog Gastroenterology Desk.
Thank you so much for your likes and shares. Such a statistics would have not been possible without your support. While NATURE, the genetic susceptibility to any illness is unalterable, NURTURE, the environmental factors influencing the disease process, particularly cancer must be taken care . Gastroenterology Desk Blog, is my little effort with immense Love. I hope all subscribers will act upon the advice I post in this Blog from time to time. Please note, I do consult various reputed websites before composing any post. With sincere regards Dr Ibrahim Masoodi

Thyroid function test interpretation.

Greetings of the day! Thyroid function tests are often required in Gastroenterology to evaluate high liver enzymes, constipation etc.In addition it is extremely important to identify hypothyroidism in Pregancy and in Infancy to prevent mental retardation in the new bornToday let us revise how to interpret thyroid function tests:Step 1 :First choose TSH, Step 2: Free T4 or index,Step 3: Radio active Iodine uptake (RAIU)  See the number. Is it low, normal or high?A) TSH high and FT4 low= PRIMARY HYPOTHYROIDISMB)TSH low and FT4 LOW= SECONDARY HYPOTHYROIDISM( Pituitary) if TRH low (Hypothalamus)C)TSH high FT4 normal= SUBCLINICAL HYPOTHYROIDISMD))TSH high and FT4 HIGH= PITUITARY HYPERTHYROID (TUMOR)E)TSH low and FT4 normal= SUBCLINICAL THYROTOXICOSISF)TSH low FT4 high, diffuse RAIU +TSI & Anti-TSH-receptor Ab. =GRAVE’S DISEASEG)TSH low and FT4 high, focal RAIU= ADENOMAH)TSH high and FT4 LOW + Anti-thyroglobulin ab.+ Anti TPO= HASHIMOTO’S THYROIDITISI) FT4 NORMAL and low T3 + rT3 high+T…

Tips to fix Heart burn

Greetings of the day! Tips to  Fix your Reflux ( Heartburn). The  acid refluxing up from the stomach into the esophagus leads to heart burn, reflux esophagitis. The burning sensation below the breast bone.“The main cause of the reflux is when the lower esophageal sphincter, the valve or ring of muscle between the stomach and the esophagus, opens when it’s not supposed to.”It is a very common problem. Here are some tips to fix Heart burn 
1. Lose weight. Your reflux symptoms will regress
2. Sleep with at least a 9-inch incline. This means your head and neck are at least 9 inches above your stomach. Keep head end of your bed elevated. The bed may appear slanting but it will help.
3. Eat smaller portions and lower fat meals so that contents of your stomach do not go up and irritate esophagus4. Don’t lie down within 3 hours of eating. Make sure that at least 3 hours have passed between your last meal and the time you lie down to go to sleep, especially if you’ve been experiencing nightti…

Precautions during recovery phase of. Covid-19

Greetings of the day 
Precautions  during recovery phase of. Covid-19
1.Do not neglect your  health as inflammatory  response may cause complications.
2 Delayed cytokine storm  on 15 to18th day of illness is reported.
3 Hypercoaguble state is there for approximately 4weeks hence risk of myocardial infarction,stroke is there. Do not ignore chest pain / severe  headache/  weakness of any side of the body,or any feature of stroke 
 4 Maintain  communication with treating  physician. Various biomarkers like CRP Quantitative monitoring may help when advised by your physician
5 If a person gets fever, after discharge we  may need  to differentiate between  fever of  infective etiology or  immunological origin
Biomarkers like Serum procalcitonin  estimation may help
6 Your physician may prescribe oral anticoagulant which has to be individualized.
7. Monteleukast helps  to prevent bradykinin storm. Your physician may prescribe 
8. REMAIN WELL HYDRATED Mostly thrombotic strokes  occur  during  night  time…

Living with IBS

Greetings of the day
 Today about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common, long-term condition of the digestive system.
Remember 3 R's in IBS R1: Revise your diagnosis  R2: Read about IBS  R3: Relax.IBS troubles but doesn't cause cancer or any life-threatening illness IBS symptoms : It can cause bouts of stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and/or constipation. The symptoms vary between individuals and affect some people more severely than others.  They tend to come and go, for periods lasting a few days to a few months at a time, often during times of stress or after eating certain foods. You may find some of the symptoms of IBS ease after going to the toilet and evacuation of gas.  IBS is a very common condition, thought to affect up to one in five people at some point in their life, and it usually first develops when a person is between 20 and 30 years of age. Around twice as many women are affected as men. The condition is often lifelong, although it m…

Love the only Energy

Dear Friends,      There is only one ENERGY in the Universe i.e. the Energy of Love which makes the Earth dance around its beloved the Sun and the rainbow sparkle in your eyes.
     And what is Love?
1)  When dementia makes your parents talk irrelevantly OR makes your parents' talk irrelevant, but still you remember how they held your hand when you were dependent; it is Love. 2)  When your beloved is afflicted by a disability but still you decide to marry her, it is Love.  Conversely, when your accounts become thin but she remains faithful and sympathetic; it is Love.      And then when menopause melts her chubby cheeks and engraves wrinkles on her face, but still her eyes sparkle in your mind and make you romantic; it is Love.  3)  When you serve irrespective of caste, colour and creed, believing that we are all Homosapiens; it is Love.   4)  When you are in a position to gain much personal benefit by being corrupt but you refrain out of devotion and dedication to an INNER IDEAL; it is …

Sleep Well

Greetings of the dayToday about SLEEP
Having adequate sleep is important.If you are not having adequate sleep it could be either some anxiety or there is pain coming from any of your organs that breaks your sleep
The subconscious human brain  is very complex. Every time you are not aware of deep-seated stress and the result is difficulty in going to bed or frequent awakening or early morning sleep deprivation.The next day you feel tired and exhausted .  The table at the end  depicts how much sleep one requiresHere are some tips in case your sleep is disturbed. 
1.Going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time every day will programme your body to sleep better. Choose a time when you're likely to feel tired and sleepy.
2. Create a restful sleeping environment
Your bedroom should be a peaceful place for rest and sleep. Temperature, lighting, and noise should be controlled so that your bedroom environment helps you to fall (and stay) asleep.
3. Make sure your bed is comfortable

Fatty liver , so common now

Greetings of the day!Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the term for a range of conditions caused by a build-up of fat in the liver. It's usually seen in people who are overweight or obese.A healthy liver should contain little or no fat. Early-stage NAFLD doesn't usually cause any harm, but it can lead to serious liver damage, including cirrhosis, if it gets worse. Having high levels of fat in your liver is also associated with an increased risk of problems such as diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. If detected and managed at an early stage, it's possible to stop NAFLD getting worse and reduce the amount of fat in your liver. Stages of NAFLD

NAFLD develops in 4 main stages. Most people will only ever develop the first stage, usually without realising it. In a small number of cases, it can progress and eventually lead to liver damage if not detected and managed. 1.Simple fatty liver (steatosis) – a largely harmless build-up of fat in the liver cells that may only be d…

Bloating & abdominal discomfort

Greetings of the day ! Abdominal bloating due to excessive gas production  is a frequent complaint  Gas  in our  digestive system is part of the normal process of digestion. The digestive tract is actually a tube and can get filled by gas either while eating or distally when  it is produced in excess in the colon .This leads to bloating and abdominal discomfort.

Some tips 1. Those who eat too quickly go an adding lot of air  in their    stomach which can cause abdominal discomfort  and burping. So eat slowly and do not talk much while eating .   2. Avoid fatty foods and lot of oil . 3. Exercise regularly. 4. Another source of abdominal gas is  when bacteria ferment carbohydrates in the large intestine .Some of  fiber, starches and some sugars present in our food  aren't digested in the small intestine. Even though trillions of bacteria present in our gut  consume some of that gas, still some of  the remaining gas remains and may lead to bloating.5.Gas production is more when we  e…

Nip the evil in the bud

Greetings of the day  Today Nip the evil in the bud. Screening for HBV and HCV 
Chronic hepatitis B and C continue to be endemic in our region affecting millions.  We must actively screen infected people and treat them so that its complications like cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma are averted.   Why is screening important.?  Having HBV or HCV is  no  more a taboo, as affordable treatment options are  now  available.  The positive person can  learn proper precautions and transmission can easily be halted.  The patient can be followed up, to prevent complications like liver cirrhosis & liver  cancer.  The same person if not screened now can present with cirrhosis and in that setting doctors  do  not offer much to the patient .Thus screening is beneficial. 
The  liver transplant remains a distant dream so nip the evil in the bud  IDENTIFY THE PATIENT & TREAT   Few suggestions:
1.All students must be screened before admission to a school / college for HBV and HCV.  Hepatitis B vaccine …

Doc! I feel tired all the time!

Greetings of the day !Feeling tiredness is one of the most common complaints even in youngsters It has been estimated that one in five people feels unusually tired.
Women feel more tired than men
Why do we feel more tired?  If you are dehydrated you are more like to feel tired so easily ,hence    take enough of water .Better to carry one water bottle with you .It will keep a check on your weight as well. Invariably  it is small stress that accumulates and makes one tired easily but before we blame stress be sure to rule out an organic cause like anemia , hypothyroidism ,diabetes etc.
People with any chronic illnesses like Diabetes , Ulcerative colitis , Chronic liver disease , Chronic kidney disease must pay a special attention to their diet and medication .
Understand  your management and follow your doctor.
Poor control of any chronic disease will makes one feel tired easily . 
Obese and under weight people are more likely  to feel tired hence target your ideal weight as per yo…

Exercise : A free medicine without side effects.

Dear Friends : In my previous posts I have emphasized less oil , lesser salt and a plant based diet . Today I want to discuss a free medicine without side effects . Yes, it is #EXERCISE 
Benefits of exercise It can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50% . Exercise is the only proven treatment for Fatty liver  
Our health is now suffering as a consequence of reduced exercise .
There's strong scientific evidence that being physically active can help you lead a healthier and even happier life.
Research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reduce your risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
What counts? To stay healthy, adults should try to be active daily and aim to achieve at least 150 minutes of physical activity over a week through a variety of activities.
For most people, the easiest way to get moving is to make activity part of everyday l…

Salt ,the white Poison

Greetings of the day !Today about  Common salt We have been consuming common salt since ages . Studies have shown that high salt consumption is a major cause of high blood pressure .There is a strong link between high salt consumption and risk of stroke, left ventricular hypertrophy, renal disease, obesity, renal stones and stomach cancer. What does excessive salt do to our body ?It has been shown to reduce the activity of superoxide dismutase which is a very powerful antioxidant enzyme working tirelessly to detoxify a million free radicals per second .Once we cripple our very own antioxidant machinery our arterial functions get crippled .Further, excessive salt intake leads to stiffness of arteries and its consequent effects .

It has been observed that people consuming high salt their blood pressure never gets controlled despite multiple drugs and the nasty game of hypertension is set free. Salt intake is especially deleterious for the heart , kidney and liver disease patien…

Treat the patient and not an Investigation report

Greetings of the day Dear Friends : Today story from Saudi Arabia one of the sweetest destination of my medical career so far. One day a 39 year old female Mrs Toaiba (name changed) presented to our clinic at King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh with a history of progressive painless jaundice of 2 weeks duration without any viral prodrome or offending drug intake. The lady was accompanied by her husband and two small kids. Anxiously her husband pulled out the referral report and showed to me. While reading it, my jaw fell in shock,as the report read , metastatic liver disease for further evaluation. The lady was very modest wearing a long Abaya and only her eyes were visible which were reflecting golden yellow color of Jaundice , the tell tale of her ailing Liver. The sweat family appeared very anxious as they had been told by the local doctors regarding the poor prognosis of the disease."Daktoor(Doctor)! Please do something to help her , I am worried " said her anxio…