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Black magic - - - - - - - or Bird magic

Greetings of the day!  Down the track of Memories  Another story from King Abdul Aziz specialist hospital Taif Saudi Arabia  Mrs Noora,(name changed) the newly wed girl, in her early twenties was brought with acute shortness of breath of one day duration to the emergency room of our hospital, years back . The clinical examination was displaying bilateral wheeze suggestive of acute asthmatic attack. Oxygen at the rate of 4 liters per minute was started in addition to other treatment . She improved and was discharged with an advice for follow up.  Unfortunately she continued to have recurrent attacks of shortness of breath in the following months. She was admitted 6  times in two  month with shortness of breath . Every time a different resident doctor would  manage her symptomatically (oxygen , nebulisations) and discharge her. Due to their  personal reasons they denied detailed evaluation in the hospital  Exhausted with the number of hospitalizations,  Mrs Noora went to her father’s hom